City of Big Sprinb
United States of America

Big spring is home to roughly 29,000 people who unless they are fortunate enough to have well water, are not able to drink their water. I have lived in Big Spring since 2013, and I have never known the water to be safe to drink. Not only is it unsafe to drink but in some occasions you will get a letter recommending that you boil your water prior to bathing in it. Every month residents are charged for water services on water that is unacceptable to drink, and that dries your skin out when you bathe in it. Some days the water varies from a tan brown to a coffee brown. It also smells like the ocean is pouring out from the faucet, making a person feel like they can't possibly be getting clean. Residents are required to pay a monthly fee, but then have to turn around and buy their own water for drinking out of pocket as well. Some families buy enough water to bathe in because they are scared of the side effects of the water. We pay for a service, and we should be getting what we pay for. Please look into this matter and do something to make our water drinkable and safe again. Thank you.

We, the undersigned, call on the City of Big Spring to find a resolution to the water problem in this city. We ask for water that is safe to drink, and that is not discolored or hazardous to our health.

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