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Wandsworth Council
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We recently moved into the borough and are very concerned about the safety of the crossings at Buckhold Road. On Buckhold Road there is only one proper and safe pedestrian crossing, which is located towards the north end of the road.

This means that the only options for residents wishing to enter King George's Park through the entrance at Mapleton Road (at 122/124 Buckhold Road level) is to use one of the very unsafe island crossings or walk north to the safer crossing and then walk back again (close to 15 min extra walk).

The reason the island crossings are so unsafe is that in rush hour it is more or less impossible to cross the road without having to stop on the island. We have three children, 8 months, 3 years, and 5 years and with a buggy the island can hardly be seen as a safe place for all of us in the middle of the traffic! The islands are small and hardly suitable for more than 2 people so with cars and buses often passing it at high speeds, in some cases most certainly above the speed limit this is a serious health & safety risk for families that wishes to use them. We're seriously fearing an accident is bound to happen each time we are crossing the road.

Many mummies/nannies and neightbours do agree this is not a safe environment for our children to cross the road/ go to the park. There are also a lot of pedestrians using the unsafe crossing island at 122/124 Buckhold Road coming from the Southside Shopping Center via the park.

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We, the undersigned, call on the Wandsworth Council to create a safer crossing at Buckhold Road for the King George's Park entrance at Mapleton Road.

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