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The SADC WE WANT Campaign is solemnly undertaken without party political or narrow sectional interests.

The Campaign calls for Accountability, Transparency, Fairness and Justice, People-Centred Economic Integration and Social Cohesion of the people in the Region. It seeks to emphasise Equality and Freedom which reside in the fundamental sovereignty which all of us must enjoy over our circumstances and choices. Hence the people’s organisations call on you to support the core demands of the SADC We Want Campaign:

1. A call for an Establishment of a SADC Parliament to allow the citizens of SADC to determine what form of parliamentary rule should come into existence and give effect to their voices in the governance of the Region.

2. A call for a Regional Court of Justice to guarantee to all, without fear or favour, access to justice and protection of their human rights.

3. A call for the full and complete Ratification of the Protocol on the Facilitation of Movement of the People in the Region to enable the peoples and citizens of the Region to move between borders, to trade and exchange, to work and live in harmony as brothers and sisters of Africa- the free movement of free people in a free and prosperous region.

We, the undersigned, are concerned SADC citizens who urge our leaders to act now:

1. for an establishment of a SADC Parliament;

2. for an establishment of a Regional Court of Justice;

3. for the full and complete ratification of the Protocol on the Facilitation of Movement of the People.

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