Mr. Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys Owner
United States of America

Too many times Dallas Cowboy fans have been victims of a Romo's late season interceptions or just a poor late season record. It may not always be his fault but let's look a the highlights.

2006 NFC Wild Card at Seattle (L 21-20) bad field goal hold.
2007 NFC Divisional vs. NY Giants (L 21-17) interception 
2008 Week 14 at Pittsburgh (L 20-13) omg interception 
Dec 30 2012 interception Redskins

There's many more bad games we should have, or needed to, win. In total losing 6 of 7 win or go home games. 1 of 3 in playoffs, 0 of 3 in regular season to get in playoffs.

Dear Mr Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys owner,

We the fans of one of the greatest franchises in NFL history respectfully ask you to consider obtaining a new starting Quaterback. Since 2006 we have had high hopes for Americas team to get back to the Super Bowl. There is no question the team has had great talent including Mr Romo.

Time and time again it has fallen to the QB to lead the team to that win we need. Mr. Romo has failed for most of the 6 years where we can look directly at him as the weakest link. It is time to move on from the Romo era.

Dallas Cowboy fans from across the nation.

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