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UPDATED 5/9/18: Houston Independent School District (HISD) CLOSED James D. Ryan Middle School for the neighborhood children to attend, just to reopen and fund it for another program that did not include our neighborhood students unless they qualified to get into the program forcing them to go to the next available Middle School near the area. We, NOW, have the opportunity to get our middle school back for the scholars (students) that's been zoned to attend Ryan for over the past 90 years.

Baylor College of Medicine at Ryan was started with the plan to allow neighborhood scholars to attend after 3 years of implementing this program. HISD plans to provide all resources needed to assist such students. Many are not informed of the original plan and stand against it. The neighborhood students need to be able to attend Ryan as a Feeder school while still leaving the plan in place for Baylor Magnet Program.

Houston Independent School District Board Meeting Agenda Item F-1 is listed for Trustees to vote on Thursday; May 10, 2018 during session concerning whether or not to approve scholars that are zoned to the elementary schools that are the feeder schools for Baylor College at Ryan to attend. We need your support to let the Board Members and others know that we care and want our neighborhood middle school back for our students to attend as well. Please sign the petition to make Ryan MS a neighborhood/community school again. With your support we can make this happen. "YES WE CAN"

HISD Board Meeting Agenda Item #F-1: Approval Of Attendance Boundary Option For Students Zoned To Edward Blackshear Elementary School, Lucian Lockhart Elementary School, And Henry MacGregor Elementary School To Attend Baylor College Of Medicine Academy At Ryan.

Please join Jack Yates National Alumni Association efforts to let "our voice" be heard by signing the petition to present to HISD Board of Trustees to let them know we want them to approve the neighborhood scholars that are zoned/feeder elementary schools to attend Ryan Middle School (currently Baylor College of Medicine at Ryan). "SIGN THE PETITION" to make this a reality for our neighborhood Scholars! #ChangeHappens

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