Congress and Senate
United States of America

February 17, 2004

The foreign dating agencies operating in the USA should be regulated. They are effectively operating in the same way as travel agencies arranging accommodation, visas, travel and private tours.

Foreign dating agencies should be required to be registered, have a code of conduct and subject to proper scrutiny by government and independent consumer authorities.

Currently the foreign dating agencies are accountable to no-one and there are more and more complaints every day arising from the activities of these agencies. Many of the agencies operate effectively in the trafficking of women subverting the USA immigration rules. Regulation of the industry would clean it up and make it more accountable and professional. There have been numerous reports where the operators of foreign dating agencies in the USA have misled and deceived their clients. Many agencies operate a fraudulent business hiding behind the laws of the country in which they operate as opposed to be being subjected to the laws of the USA. Many agencies claim that the contract and service delivery is with their office based overseas and as such are subjected to the laws of other country in order to avoid accountability or compliance with US law.

Many dating agencies do not pay taxes and not registered with the IRS. It is time that this industry be regulated and cleaned up.

We the undersigned petition the US Congress to enact regulations governing the foreign bride/dating agencies along the same lines as currently exist for the travel industry, to establish an enforceable code of conduct protecting the rights of its customers.

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