#City & Town Planning
Redland City Council

As it stands currently, Russell Island only has a small section of footpath that covers only a couple of Km's of our wonderful Island. Many people are left unable to use all the wonderful spaces our Island has to offer because the road edges are dangerous and inaccessible to many.

Mothers with prams suffer, those with less abled bodies are also unable to reach our only sand beach, and children are unable to ride their bike or walk to school due to lack of footpaths or smooth road edging. Those without cars are hindered by the lack of footpath so therefore have no choice but to use the local cab to get from place to place, putting a large dent in their weekly budgets.

We, local residents, of Russell Island, Queensland are asking you to support us as we lobby local Council to provide us with appropriate access on our Island.

All we are wanting is a stretch of footpath that will take us from the ferry terminal to Lions park.

It's a mere 8km of footpath we are requesting, but a footpath that will be used gratefully by not only local residents, but by families that flock to see our beautiful Island.

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