Milton Keynes Council
United Kingdom

Milton Keynes needs rubber/plastic wheelie bins, to keep out animals and wasps. To limit the spread of rubbish around our gardens. For health and safty standards.

We need the trash collectors to be able and willing to empty the rubbish bins without problems.

On July 22nd I was stung by a wasp, due to the rubbish collectors failed to pick up my rubbish on the 15th of July. IF my partner had been stung that would have caused a instant reaction and possiable death due to he is highly allergic. I phoned the rubbish collectors company numberous times between the 15th and the 22nd with out answers. PLEASE sign this petition. Thank You.

This is a petition to get large rubbish bins in Milton Keynes due to wasps, and animals getting into the rubbish and causing health and safty hazards.

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