#Children's Rights
House of Representatives
New Zealand

I am asking the New Zealand parliament to vote for and hold a Royal Commission into institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. What I am asking for is the same module as what the Australian Royal Commission have. New Zealand is the only Commonwealth Country that has not held a RC and who is refusing to hold one.

The only way forward for New Zealand is in cleaning up the past. What is happening right now to our children in institutions is not constructive.So we have to listen to those who have gone through it, so the same mistakes are not made into the future regarding our care of children.

A Royal Commission will hold all institutions accountable for any and all child sexual abuse that has been or is still being committed within that institution (places that care for children, from sporting clubs, soccer clubs, swimming clubs, netball clubs as well as institutions like the Scouts, girl guides, boy's brigade and the girls brigade as well as others).

The RC will also be looking into all religions, Catholic Church, Presbyterian Church, Salvation Army, and all other religious Churches.

The RC will also cover State run Homes for children and all care givers that have abused children in their care.

With the calling of a RC this will hear from both Survivors and victims as well as the parents and relatives of those who are not longer with us but we're also abused as children.

After listening to survivors tell their stories the RC can then call upon those institutions involved and find out why they allowed the sexual abuse of children to continue within their institution. And to why it was not properly dealt with when it was first brought to light. And if those institutions covered up any form of abuse to a child. Then the RC can then make a recommendation that the institution and any individuals within that institution be brought before the court system, by recommending that the police take action against those involved.

After this has happened we are then asking that the RC to put in place recommendations to prevent this from happening again to any child.

I am asking for mandatory reporting of a sexual abuse crimes against children to be reported directly to the police, so that the institutions can no longer cover it up within their own institution.

Mandatory education within every school in New Zealand. To teach children about their own body and to whom can touch them. And to what inappropriate touching is. And to let them know that if anyone does touch them in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable then they can go to a councillor at school or to their per ants straight away. And to have councillors in all schools so children can go to them and talk openly about things that are affecting their lives. Like sexual abuse, physical abuse, family violence and issues that are affecting them both in school and at home. I would also like to see councillors within every community at least once a week to be there for the people of the community that are affected by the full affects of child sexual abuse against children. Because the abuse of a child in the community doesn't just affect that child and the immediate family. There is always someone out there that knows a family that this has happened to. And the affect that it has on that person affects every part of their lives from their work and relationships. So we need to support the community in processing the affects of child sexual abuse within that community.

Another aspect that I am asking for is he statue of limitations on child sexual abuse claims within the courts and to making a claim for compensation be lifted completely. There should not be any statue of limitations on child sexual abuse cases. There are a lot of other points that I want to come out of the RC but just to give everyone more of an idea of what and why I am asking for a RC to be held. Also by having a RC it is transparent and open to the public.

I am calling upon the House of Representatives to vote for a Royal Commission into institutional responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

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