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The Seafields Estate Temple incident has increased racial tension in Malaysia.

Apart from property damage and personal injuries, there is a continuing string of allegations made to blame certain individuals as the cause of the incident and that the incident is racially motivated. This is causing much damage to the racial relations between the races in the country.

There will always be individuals who will not trust the findings of the police investigations. As such, a body like the Royal Commission composed of different racial representatives, with the investigations being carried out in public will put many doubts to rest.

We need to get to the bottom of this incident once and for all. Let those who are responsible account for their actions including those who took opportunity from this incident for their own interests or gains.

We, the undersigned, demand a Royal Commission to be formed to investigate this incident thoroughly and recommend actions against the individuals inciting the riots, involved in the riots and those opportunists making blind and baseless accussations against others thereby enhancing the racial tensions in Malaysia.

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