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The Palm-Tran route 92 is an East-West bus route that runs from Hwy 441 /
Sandalfoot Plaza all the way out to Camino Real & A1A / Ocean Blvd.

The route has low ridership, and always has, and the reason that not many
people ride the bus, is because the last route back to Sandalfoot Plaza from
Camino Real / A1A is at 4:30pm. Not even a standard 9-5 job can be
considered, living on this bus route.

People who use the bus to go to work can't get home from work. This is the
earliest ending route of the entire Palm-Tran system(excluding the jury shuttle,
and an inlet route).

The route has been cut back by removing service to the community hospital,
and has stopped servicing Logger's Run, a large residential portion of the
western Boca Raton area. These were all methods of saving money on the

Instead of trying to increase ridership, Palm-Tran also decided to terminate
service for this route on Sundays.

Later service for this route is NEEDED. It is one of the three routes that runs
through Boca Raton's downtown area, and one of the two that connects the
western Boca Raton area to the eastern Boca Raton area. It connects the
Broward County Transportation system, and the unincorporated residential
areas of southwestern Palm-Beach county, to the eastern 'working' area of Boca
Raton, and services 3 major bus stops that serve the entire county. Later night
service is desparately needed by all the riders on this route, indefinitely.

We, the undersigned, call on Palm-Tran, to add PM service to Route 92 and
propose another 2-5 PM trips back to West Boca Raton / Sandalfoot Plaza from
Camino Real.

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