Imo State has seen the worst of irresponsible leadership since ROCHAS Okorocha became Governor in 2011. Massive bailout funds have been embezzled or squandered on frivolities like Christmas trees, birthday parties of the Governor and the erection of monuments in honour of friends of the Governor who have added nothing to the welfare of the people. We have a classic case of Nero in Imo today. Pensioners are forced to sign away 60% of their pensions in return for 40%. Many of them are now dead out of despair. Peoples homes and markets are being demolished without compensation for projects that never take off. Heavily armed men are called in on protesters leaving bloodshed in the wake. Existing roads are destroyed for expansion projects that never get started. Civil servants are paid only when it pleases Nero while students bursaries have become history. Tricycle operators are today facing a threat to their livelihoods with their impending ban. Businesses are shutting down while insecurity has become worse with no response whatsoever on the activities of murderous herdsmen and other criminals in the State. Its time to take back our State. Sign up let's show ROCHAS the exit door and bring him to account.

We the undersigned by the Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ, as the owners of the sovereignty whose privilege you now enjoy by holding our various constituency seats in our House of Assembly hereby direct you to impeach from office with immediate effect the Governor, ROCHAS Okorocha and his Deputy for stealing and waste of public funds and for acts that have brought the State into public ridicule. We further instruct you to advice the Chief Judge and INEC on the immidiacy of our demand and the conduct of fresh elections. Should you choose to ignore this instruction, we shall find it expedient to commence the recall of all recalcitrant members and seek your prosecution for complicity in the fleecing of our State's resources. Thank you.

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