Upsilon Ventures, Prospect Park Alliance and New York City’s Parks Department
United States of America

At this very moment, LeFrak is empty and in desperate need of a clean up. While this space isn’t being utilized COVID-19, there are many New Yorkers in dire need of a safe open space to enjoy their recreational sport. What better opportunity for getting and keeping New Yorkers healthy than by giving them a huge rink to have fun on in a safe and active way. Roller skating offers an opportunity for improving our emotional and social wellness during this pandemic while still maintaining safe distances.

This is an essential sport for many. Even if it reopens, there should still be free skating offered. We want to help make this happen for our community during these harsh times.

Although Butter Roll and Lakeside have been working on season 2 of our summer of skate series for Thursday evenings these events will still require a cover charge to help cover overhead costs, and the community needs a day that can be accessible for free.

How will we make this happen?
**Butter Roll to lead:
- Organizing community clean up (gather up to 10 volunteers to do a full day of clean up the day before rink opens to public)
- Providing two volunteer skate guards at all times
- Have one volunteer monitoring the skate waivers and registration forms at a safe distance
- Providing masks, gloves and sanitizer available at all times
- Make sure surfaces are wiped down frequently
- Maintain a limited number of skaters on the rink at a time (e.i. The rink can hold roughly over 400 skaters, we will limit to 200 at a time)
- Encourage 6 feet distance while skating and avoiding touching other skaters

What do we need:
- Reopening date (if any)
- Permission to use the rink (operate ourselves to avoid overhead costs of any kind)
- Access to a room to store cleaning supplies
- At least Park representative to monitor our sessions

Help us show them how important an initiative like this is to you!

We are calling on Upsilon Ventures, Prospect Park Alliance and New York City’s Parks Department to allow Butter Roll to organize a community clean up of LeFrak’s rink in exchange for weekly free community skating beginning Sunday, August 12th 2020 from 2pm until sunset through October 2020.

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