Candyman Productions

The Crack Society (TCS) has a long history of honour and merit. Its members work hard to obtain status amongst the other members. Some time ago, a stepped ranking system was developed to ensure that each member of TCS was given the chance to earn their dues. While there can be only a single Big Crack Daddy, there are infinite spaces in each of the steps below, starting from Wee Crack Infant and above.

Rikki Ferrari has risen quickly in his last few ranks and now holds the title of Lil' Crack Baby. His hope reaches much farther up, but his next step is to become a Big Crack Baby. You can help him reach his goal. TCS has given him a chance to earn this honour quickly. He only needs to produce a petition of 50 signatures and he will be granted his newest title.

Help him now and you could be eligible for an honourary membership.

I agree that Rikki Ferrari is totally whacked out and awesome. He should be granted his next title of Big Crack Baby.

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The Rikki (Candyman) for "Big Crack Baby" title petition to Candyman Productions was written by Richard Ferrari and is in the category Humor at GoPetition.