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Relative Caregivers in the State of FLorida make up 27% of the homes abused and neglected children are placed in by DCF. Yet, these caregivers who give their time, love, affection, and hearts to these children have no rights in Florida for visitation once the child is returned home to their parents, continuation of the bond that is formed with the child, and often access to benefits. We are fighting for the rights of our children we raise to continue being a part of the families that nurture them and for protection under the law for the same rights and priviledges afforded licensed Foster Parents. We save this country millions of tax dollars each year by solely supporting our children, and yet have no rights once the court system hands them over to either the offending parents, or decides to adopt them to someone other than family. OFten we are forced by the system to report offenses against the child, and in turn when the child is returned home, the parents refuse contact because of the fear of being reported. We are asking for protection under the law for our children's safety, mental well-being, and emotional needs to be with thier serrogate parents. Foster families are given financial services right away, while the wait for Relative Caregiver Status drags on sometimes as long as two years while these families struggle to maintain a home for their children. Relative caregivers are often forced to give up jobs to care for the kids they love, have extensive legal fees in thier fight to keep the children, and make many other sacrifices day to day. We need your help, our children need your help! Thank you!

We, the people of Florida, petition the State to enact a law stating once a child has been in Relative Care for 12 consecutive months, the right of that child and Relative Caregiver to maintain thier bond through regularly scheduled visits is LAW! We are also petitioning for Relative Caregiver's to be given the same rights to subsidy as State Licensed Foster Parents within a reasonable time frame of sixty days from the date child is placed with that relative by our court system. We are asking for protection under the law, that employers cannot descriminate against Relative Caregivers in denying benefits for these children because of Custody issues with the State of FLorida, or employment. Our children who often can't speak for themselves need a voice of support. Please sign our petition in support of these families that give so much and ask for so little in return!

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