Rideshare and TNCs

This is a petition to encourage the creation of a reasonably cost insurance for rideshare drivers, small business and TNCs. People's Ride, Peoplesride.coop, in Grand Rapids, Michigan is creating a rideshare similar to Uber but organized as a co-op. To make insurance affordable, we are creating a insurance co-op made of small rideshare business to share the cost.

Insurance for rideshare business is $100,000 a year. If 200 drivers put in $41 a month we can have our own reasonably cost insurance. If you are a driver for any TNC, Uber, Lyft, Steadyfare, People's Ride or your own small business, and would commit to starting a insurance co-op, sign this petition and make your name visible, so others can see how many support it and will be encouraged to do so also.

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