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The Richmond Football Club, the Mighty Tigers are reportedly considering a change the club's current logo. This logo represented the club since the early 1990's which makes it one of the longest standing logos in the AFL. It is logo that is loved by all Richmond Supporters and admired by those from other clubs!

We feel any new design would lack the strength, tradition and honor that the current logo entails. A Tiger is meant to be ferocious and feared. Feelings our current logo most definitely invoke!

The Richmond Football club has THE best Theme Song and THE best logo. To take this away from us at a time when we face a new dawn promising the success we so dearly crave, would be appalling.

Like the Tiger of old - We're strong and we're bold.

Please sign this petition so we can let the Richmond Football Club know that we do NOT want the logo to be changed and to PLEASE keep the current logo.

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