California State Legislature
United States of America

CALIFORNIA PENAL CODE CPC 148.5 (e) DOES STATE that mandatory reporters of abuse (child, elder, dependent adults) of KNOWINGLY (i.e. deliberately, intentionally, purposefully) making a FALSE REPORT OF CRIME can NOT be prosecuted under that chapter of law.

Diligent searching of California Penal Codes reveals that there is apparently NO other section of law under which such prosecution is mandated or authorized.

American law does not recognize legal insulation of acknowledged criminals from prosecution.

We the People of the State of California do object to illegal laws that formally protect criminals from prosecution by legislation.

The purpose of law is to protect the citizenry and society from the depredations of criminal acts and the consequences thereof. The protection of criminals from prosecution of acknowledged criminal acts and the consequences to innocents thereof is seditious and treasonous in fact and practice and we will the repeal or reasonable rewrite of this legal text to conform with the basic principles of a rule of law, justice and fairness for all and protection of the basic rights of all citizens.

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