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The Home Secretary Theresa May Mp
United Kingdom

A young Man who fled his native Country at 7 under threat from his family, came to the UK with other family members, only to suffer harm and neglect and the loss of his brother to Illness. Left alone and under the Care of UK Social Services, he struggled to find a sense of Identity, grieving for his one true companion, and family member, his brother. His one goal was to regain the family member he had lost. He became involved in Gang Culture, he found himself involved in some difficult experiences and even though he lost himself at that point , he also started to build strong connection with some of his cousins and peers.

He served a short 4 month sentence, it allowed him time to reflect on his life and turn it around, this was 3 years ago, He now trains daily, to become a Professional Boxer winning Trophies and Inspiring other Young men to turn away from gang life and channel their own pain and hurt into something productive. Living as part of the Uk now for over 14 years, the UK government says he must return back to Jamaica. He has little recollection of any relationships before he came to the UK but shudders with fear and is distraught about returning to the place of birth.

Terrified about living a life of walking the streets.in fear and poverty.He is the Youth of tomorrow, as a Parent myself, I could not bear my own child to suffer in this way, knowing he sits at this very moment in a Detention Centre in Gatwick, celebrating his 21st Birthday in Handcuffs and restricted of any Liberty. He is a child victim of Adult Incompetence and Neglect, he has been reared by Our System under a Duty of Care, that no longer Cares, and he is now to bear the Punishment of being sent back to the Country that doesn't want him, could not protect him or offer him any kind of Future.

The Home Secretary, needs to look at each case in it's own merit and each person in their own Right and make decisions based upon what is Ethical and Compassionate, in relation to each individuals experiences.

This Young Man's plight needs to be rationally evaluated, and some accountability needs to occur in relation to this UK Government, Revoke his Deportation and give him the Right to a Family and Private Life, without being afraid, and help him change the lives of others as he has been doing with his OWN powerful testimony.

Our Plea is to the Home Office to Revoke the decision to Deport and hold in detention a youth whom has endured a painful childhood and great loss.
This Young Man is a Vulnerable Person, I request that The Home Office and it's employees responsible for the Immigration Process to include the UKBA, who are assigned to the Immigration Process to Act with Consideration amd Compassion in relation to the suffering he has incurred, and the duty of Care he deserves following his harrowing life experiences.

He also needs to be treated humanely and in context, acknowledged for his powerful fight to turn such a dire early beginnings into a constructive and productive life. The Home Secretary should look at each case in it's own merit. and see that this young man belongs in the UK, this is his Home, not some distant land he fled from and an abusive family that they are forcing him to return to.

This Young man's situation highlights a worrying concern that this may be a common practice of the Government to hone in upon the vulnerable and abused and dispose of them in this way. In light of the current Immigration situation in this country, it concerns me of this persons plight may be subject to a fulfilment of a statistic or criteria, when this is a real person, with a real life, not a number on a page.

I want the Home Office decision to deport this Young Man to be Revoked, (his name is currently withheld at this point in time but will be revealed at a later time to the appropriate parties.)

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