The Privacy Act was introduced to Australia around 1988. Prior to this changing personal information for yourself and others such as family members was simple and took a fraction of the time it takes today Since the Privacy Act has been introduced it has become a major frustration for many who simply wish to change personal information for themselves and others within the family.

Paranoia has taken over where it has got to a ridiculous state having to answer multiple questions to prove your identity. A recent example is a mother walked into a bank to deposit some funds into their child's account who was 8 years old. When she asked the teller for a balance on the account it was refused on the basis she was not the primary holder of the account. While we understand the intent of the Act it has made changing information for yourself and others very in-efficient. For example if a family of four relocate each person has to change their details with numerous organisations where in the past one person could change for all.

This petition seeks to have the Privacy Act revised to enable people to go about their business in a secure but more efficient manner.

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