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President of Uganda

Since may 2010 there is a ban on used electronic imports in Uganda. This Ban is put in place because of protecting the environment, but did not come with regulations to still get good working used electronics into the country like computers that are affordable for most of the people in Uganda.

The development and proper implementation of an electronic waste management system in Uganda will solve the problem we are currently facing with regards to the end-of-life computers in our country. Banning importation of used computers is not a permanent fix to this problem and will only serve to postpone this problem. Not to mention the fact that many low income earners will not be able to afford the high priced computers.

Many charity organizations who are donating computers to schools, have to disappoint the schools now who can not afford to buy new computers. Even the individuals,students, businesspeople who want to start-up a business are not able to afford new computers.

We, the undersigned, call on the president of Uganda to revise the bill of importing used electronics into Uganda, so that many people still can have access to computers.

Please revise the bill and keep your mind on an regulated ban on used electronics that are still reusable into the Uganda market.

To enable more valuable education, and make the greater poor Ugandans informed, we still need these reusable and affordable computers.

Dear President, please revise the bill.

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