#Civil Rights
Australian Public

Current Australian gun laws are disarming the Australian Public of all means of defending themselves in the (now) likely event of a violent crime.

After a decade of complete gun control, the government has successfully disarmed the average Australian family of basic means of defence, yet, these gun laws have not actually restricted any criminal from the means of obtaining a firearm. The only thing these laws have done, is taken the weapons from law abiding citizens, through the use of gun buy-back schemes, costing the Australian tax payers upwards of $500 million. Consider this, during these gun buy-back schemes, would you ever see a criminal lining up to hand in their illegally purchased firearms? the answer is blatantly obvious.

Where has this left us? Now, in today's modern society, we face a crisis, with terrorism threats, crime in our streets, criminals and mobsters running around our cities with any weapon they desire, who is going to defend your family? Certainly not John Howard, or, any other politician. When the moment comes in your life where you are faced to defend yourself, your family, or your neighbour, their life may very well rest in your hands.

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Remember, the Police will not be there at 2am in the morning when you wake to find a gunman in your daughters bedroom.

We, the undersigned, call on the Australian Government to revise the current Australian Gun Laws, in the interest of Public Safety.

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