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As stated in the Guiding Manual, currently volunteers 65 and over may no longer regularly commit to meetings at unit level but may continue on an occasional basis as Helpers and Trefoil Members. Too many units need to close because no volunteer is able to take on this role.

Due to the changes in retirement laws, we feel that Girlguiding UK needs to review and adjust its policies to keep up with modern society, something which it has strived to do over the past 100 years and not be considered ageist. Ideas that have been suggested for the change include regular reviews for over 65 leaders or perhaps just a limit on being a unit leader to give younger guiders the new experiences and skills.

It is also currently felt that whilst great guiders are leaving at 65, less competent one are taking their place and currently there are no clear rules on action to be taken regarding this.

We, the undersigned, call on the executive committee of the council at Girlguiding UK to review and change the current retirement age of 65 for adult volunteers. There is a need to increase the age to reflect with the adjustments in employments laws.

The local Commissioners need more responsibility to take action when 'Good Guiding' is not being shown by a leader, regardless of their age.

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