Town of Summerville Tree Committee
United States of America

The Town of Summerville South Carolina currently has a law that states that if a tree's trunk at breast height is greater than six inches in diameter you need the town’s permission to cut it down, despite the fact that it is on your property.

To get permission to cut down a tree you have to go apply for a permit. The application fee costs five dollars and within a few weeks you will be informed that a tree committee will show up to inspect your trees. If this committee deems that the tree are unsafe for you or your house then they will allow you to cut them down otherwise you must leave them alone.

For a tree to be unsafe it has to be either sick or within ten feet of your house. To put this into perspective, the trees in question can grow anywhere from 60 – 80 feet in height, which can easily split a house in half even if it is farther than 10 feet away.

We, the undersigned, call on the Town of Summerville to eliminate the law forbidding homeowners from cutting down trees on their own property.

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