#Students' Rights
Faculty of Southern Vermont; Nursing Department
United States of America

Students are being denied transfer credits from a accredited summer course. Summer courses offered by Southern Vermont College aren't visually posted or told how to sign up for. There is little to no communication between students and advisors.

Advisors are signing students up for classes that they don't have the prerequisites for. Students don't have the necessary information or help to sign up for classes. The decreased ability for students to be student athletes (especially Nursing students).

As students of the Southern Vermont College body, issues have risen regarding the recent housing lottery, the advisory system established, nursing program requirements, the inability for nursing students to participate in sports, and the inability to take some summer classes at another accredited college.

As stated in the Southern Vermont College 2009- 2010 Student Handbook, "students must be guided by a sense of personal honor based on integrity, common sense, and respect". This petition is just for that, as students we are asking for the answers to questions that affect us and our ability to succeed within this college.

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