Those who want future generations to be taught about more than 2 religions
United Kingdom

As a multi-faith and multi-cultural society, the United Kingdom hosts many people from different walks of life and with many different beliefs with religion playing an important part of this.

No doubt as a result of this, at GCSE level, religious education (RE) is made compulsory. This, in itself, I don't disagree with at all, in fact I think it's a great idea. But the fact the syllabus only requires students to study 2 religions (Christianity and one other) surely is not in keeping with the fact that this subject is after all, all about tolerance and acceptance.

Ignorance of other main religions will no doubt in some cases lead to prejudice and discrimination, which is surely not what the government and the public would want today's children to carry with them to later life.

It seems a waste of the RE teachers degree level knowledge and is not at all encouraging acceptance between future generations or the exploration and questioning of faith which children of this age should be encouraged to do.

Please, please sign this petition if you want the government to change the syllabus so that our children can learn more about other main religions and so learn to accept and take the next step towards a less conflicted world. This may seem a bit of an exaggeration as to what this petition can achieve, on too small a scale and too trivial a matter to achieve this but the children after all, are the future and will one day be the voices of society.

Thank you so much, just the fact you have read the petition is raising awareness and I hope you feel strongly about this issue as I do =)

We, the undersigned, call on the UK government to change the syllabus regarding religious education lessons in schools at GCSE level so that our children are being taught about all main world religions rather than just 2.

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