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Breckland Council Norfolk
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As a amateur football club for both adult and youth players we took the initiative to raise funds for the club by providing advertising space for local businesses around the perimeter fence of the main football pitch.

Having firstly consulted with Mundford Parish Council for approval with no objections, we pressed forward with approaching, selling and installing advertising boards from September 2014.

In March 2015 Breckland Council requested Mundford Football Club to submit an application for consent to display an advertisement(s).

In September 2015 Breckland Council refused the application for the 21x advertising boards facing the main road (Cranwich Road) for the following reasons:

1) By virtue of their location, height and cumulative length, visually harmful to the open setting of the open space area and detrimental to the visual amenity of the broader locale.

2) Creates an almost solid line of adverting with a mix of colours, designs and content which cumulatively results in visual clutter in what is, by nature of its use, a large open space and are intrusive in the street scene and detrimental to the amenities of the area.

To support our case so far, we have the backing of Mundford Parish Council and Norfolk County Council Highways. We are now asking for the local, national and football communities to support our appeal to overturn Breckland Council original decision to refuse consent.

Since the club installed the advertising boards back in September 2014, we have received nothing more than praise from the local community, businesses and visitors to the village on how professional these advertising boards are presented and are a credit to the football club

If we are not successful with our appeal to the council this will have financial implications in running of both adults teams, but more importantly the 60 youth players currently registered within the club to play weekly football, to improve their social skills and the enjoyment of team sports.

We, the undersigned, fully support Mundford Football Club's appeal and call upon Breckland Council to overturn their original decision to refuse consent to display 21x advertising boards facing the Cranwich Road and to grant Mundford Football Club consent to display.

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