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Apple Incorporation

In a landmark case in Greece, an official Apple reseller and authorized service provider sued a consumer for 200,000 euros because he complained online.

After 128 days of trouble for the consumer and thousands of complaints, the case was dropped as excessive and inappropriate, without any compensation for his legal expenses.

On this occasion, several inadequacies concerning Apple's after sales support in Greece arose from a widespread dialogue among the consumers.

We the undersigned urge Apple Incorporation:

1) to investigate Apple's after-sales support in Greece, as we understand that there are fundamental inadequacies that need to be addressed.

2) to establish customer services that resolve complaints on first attempt.

3) to lawfully extend the guarantee period to two years, in accordance to EU standards; to enable the request for repairs or replacement of goods that turn out to be faulty or not as advertised and to enable the request for a refund if a product cannot be repaired or replaced within a reasonable time or without inconvenience.

4) to make sure that Apple Care (additional guarantee) sold in Greece does not replace the minimum two-year guarantee.

5) to live up to its ethical standards and recompense the troubled consumer for his 128 days of unnecessary legal engagement.

Finally, we protest against all practices that aim to put the consumers off complaining in public or privately.

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