#Human Rights
United States of America

Migrant children came here with their families to seek asylum. Yet, this administration has labeled them ALL as rapists, drug traffickers, murderers, and an "invasion". The GOP has allowed this nonsense. The children have been put in cages while their adult families are placed in "FOR PROFIT" prisons!

No DNA, no names, or ANY information was collected to ENSURE these families would be reunited. The children were LITERALLY KIDNAPPED and housed like dogs. This is INHUMANE TREATMENT, period!
These children weren't allowed the law-required representation (due-process), so they were sent to USA courts and forced to represent themselves. Some barely know their OWN language, let alone English!

The children will now be placed in "adoption" agencies that are funded by the DeVos family. For SURE they will be "adopted" by bigoted people who will traffic them, abuse them, ENSLAVE them, rape them, molest them, AND KILL THEM! This is the NEW BEGINNINGS OF SLAVERY AGAIN IN OUR FACES!

This is what trump calls "making America great A.G.A.I.N."! White people can have people of color work for them without pay. Have them as personal property. Treat them inhumanely. Take away voting and personal rights, such as the abortion bans. Lynching without consequences. This is the beginning of make WHITE PEOPLE'S America great again!

We CAN NOT go backwards. We CAN NOT allow our Constitutional rights to be dumped in the garbage as it's being done. These immigrants deserve to have the laws protect them as asylum seekers, and women MUST have full control over their bodies and make the necessary decisions pertaining to their bodies without fear of not having proper healthcare, being imprisoned, and death. There are NO LAWS governing a man's body, regardless that HE PRODUCES THE SPERM that creates babies!

We ALL want our borders to be patrolled and PROPERLY protected. But when the actions of doing so are inhumane, UNCONSTITUTIONAL, causes harm and death as it has for 6 migrant children SO FAR, THAT WE KNOW OF, the actions are WRONG!

It's time we put a STOP to this. It's in our faces. If we do not push for these wrongs to be righted, we are part of the problem. We MUST be part of the solution.

I am going to Washington, DC next month. I have an appointment to speak with representatives of Congressmen about the above issues on June 12 at 10:30 am.

If you are against the treatment of these children, the families, and totally against women's rights being taken away, please sign the petition.

I will take this with me to DC to prove that we are against the inhumane treatment and twisting of our laws by a bigoted administration and Republican government.

And then PRAY for a successful meeting, and a change in their actions. Please sign and become part of the solution. Thank you!

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