#Consumer Affairs
New Mexico Attorney General Gary King
United States of America

In October of 2007 Countrywide Mortgage (now Bank of America) sold James Harris's home out from under him using dummy lawyers to hide the paperwork. He was current on his payments and had papers served at his door giving him three days to move out of his home. He immediately filed a complaint, a Grand Jury was held, a court case ensued, and assurances were made to him by individuals from the AG's office that he would get his home back free and clear of the mortgage plus damages. The last time he heard from anyone was over three years ago.

All attempts to get information have been met with silence. He has even sent registered letters with return confirmation and doesn't get a response. This man was named after his uncle who was a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient (posthumously, WWII) has served three tours in Vietnam during which he was shot in the back and received flash burns to his face. He served in Granada, Panama, and Desert Storm/Desert Shield. He served his country with bravery and honor and he deserves respect from his government and its officials. He deserves answers just as much as he deserves his home back. He deserves better than having to drive past the house that was stolen from him every day when he goes to work.

In over 15 years of knowing him this is the one and only time I've ever seen him give up on anything. Please sign this petition and show him no one is giving up on him.

We, the undersigned, call on New Mexico Attorney General, Gary King, or representatives of his office, to contact James Harris regarding the resolution of the 2007 criminal consumer court case versus Countrywide Mortgage/Bank of America, et al, regarding the residential property located at 1855 Hot Peppers Rd. in Chaparral, New Mexico.

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