Australian Karting Association

In late 2010 the AKA voted on forming TAG as a national class. This forced Leopard and Rotax to only be allowed to be run at their National Titles, Open State Titles, Promoter Series and 5 designated events.

Placing both classes into a single formula creates a quick fix for a long term problem.

While we are forced to run TAG at club level and local events, it's run to a different formula to that of State and National level competition. Not only does this create gaps for any would-be-racer looking to make the progression into a higher level of competition, it also segregates those already competing at State or National levels.

This is the only class in Australian karting that has different formulas depending on the level it is raced upon.

Separating the classes as it was previously creates an environment where it forces the promoters of each class to try and grow their respective classes. This push results in stand alone meetings with more racing, overseas competition chances and better value for money. Lumping them into the one TAG class takes away from this and the motor that will flourish will be the one favored by the poorly tested parity rule.

This inability to race at all levels in your respective class will inevitably drive people to other classes such as Clubman and put Australian Karting further back than it currently is.

Return TAG back to it's previous state and allow the promoters to do what they do best, promote karting.

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The Return Leopard and Rotax to seperate national classes petition to Australian Karting Association was written by Bret Mullavey and is in the category Sports at GoPetition.