The Parthenon sculptures, known as the "Elgin Marbles", are a huge collection of marble sculptures that were transported to the Great Britain at 1806 from Thomas Bruce, the 7th Earl of Elgin, ambassador in the Othoman Empire from 1799 till 1803.

Because of the Othoman occupation in the land of Greece, he took the approval from the Sultan to take the Parthenon Marbles and send them to UK.

The British Museum of London keeps the marbles in the place of Duveen exhibition. The Acropolis Marbles are stolen for decades ! British people said Greece have no place to place to keep them.

The New Acropolis Museum is the Hellenic answer. So... RETURN THE MARBLES BACK TO THEIR HOMELAND!

We, the undersigned, call on British Museum to return Acropolis Marbles back to their homeland Athens !

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The Return Acropolis Marbles Back To Athens petition to THE BRITISH MUSEUM was written by Yorgos Tsimatsidis and is in the category Culture at GoPetition.