#Disabled rights
United Kingdom

In QI series B, episode 6 Alan Davies and Steven Fry discussed athletes with learning difficulties. Alan Davies repeatedly described them as "mad", "handicapped" and "mentally ill".

This is extremely offensive to people with learning difficulties and their familes and risks legitimising bullying (a recent Mencap survey showed 85% of young people with learning difficulties are bullied at school).

See http://sites.google.com/site/qitranscripts/transcripts/2x06 for a transcript of the show.

We believe Alan Davies and Stephen Fry are nice guys who have slipped up. We ask them to retract the comments made about athletes with learning difficulties in QI series B episode 6 and agree that the words used to describe them in that show are offensive.

We ask BBC Worldwide, the owners of the rights to series B episode 6, to remove that segment from any further broadcast or issue of the show.

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