Dean P. VanT
United States of America

Mr. Lee Marlow who is an instructor at Tulsa Community College was asked to be "on leave" on Wednesday, February 5th, 2003. Many of his students are in disbelief at what the leaders of our campus have decided. No specific reason has been provided as to his suspension, but many of the students in the engineering department feel this is unnecessary.

Mr. Marlow cares about his students and delivers a brilliant teaching style to the classroom. He desires for students to learn engineering principles and wants them to succeed in their careers. How often does a student run into an instructor who is extremely intelligent, explains the material well, make learning enjoyable, and cares about his students at the same time?

This is a petition to retain Lee Marlow as an Engineering instructor at Tulsa Community College. Mr. Marlow is a fabulous instructor who makes a difference in the students at TCC. In class, he provides real life examples giving us a visual for the material his students are learning. He challenges and encourages his students, making learning enjoyable. Bringing a new instructor in to teaches classes will cause strife in the learning process for many aspiring engineers in his classes. We would hope that you would consider the students' best interests and bring Mr. Marlow back to the students who benefit from his teaching.

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