SPAR Supermarket

Residential owners were sold the 222 properties with the understanding given to them by CPM Realty that there were (50) visitor car spaces for the complex, plus additional retail car spaces.

It has now been brought to our attention that both car parks in question (visitor & retail) are one and the same. The residents were told that they would be able to use the retail car spaces / (50) guest spots but now SPAR has installed Care Park machines and will charge people to use these spaces.

This is a petition showing that the Residents of 222 propose to boycott the SPAR Supermarket until these Care Park machines and all charges to use this car park space are removed for residents and their guests.

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The Retail Parking Space & Care Park Charges at 222 Alexandria petition to SPAR Supermarket was written by Cameron Stow-Smith and is in the category Cars at GoPetition.