#Media Issues
WIN TV Wollongong

WIN TV has downgraded its Canberra local news service by not replacing its news and sports anchors. All Canberra local news bulletins are now produced and broadcast from Wollongong by people who may have no links with our city.

The Tuggeranong Community Council believes this will eventually have an impact on the quality of news coverage in the Canberra region.

The TCC fears it will also lead to the closure of the WIN Newsroom in the National Capital with all news production coming from Wollongong.

We, the undersigned call on WIN TV Management to:

1. Reverse its decision to downgrade the WIN TV local Canberra news service,

2. Immediately reinstate the Canberra News and Sports anchors, and,

3. Give loyal WIN TV Canberra viewers an assurance their locally produced and presented news service will be retained.

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The Restore WIN TV Canberra produced and presented local news petition to WIN TV Wollongong was written by Tuggeranong Community Council and is in the category Media Issues at GoPetition.