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Aldenham Parish Council
United Kingdom

Changes made over the last few years to Phillimore Recreation Ground in Radlett have, in our view, rendered what was once a traditional, attractive village park aesthetically unattractive and have destroyed its traditional character.

These recent changes include:

- The installation of an industrial looking building to house machinery and the park office;
- High security fencing around that building;
- The installation of a modern, urban-type shelter, now damaged, & sporting graffiti;
- The removal of the poplar trees and laurel bushes along the pathway. We are told that the trees were diseased, but the laurel bushes were not.
- The disuse of the old, brick pavilion which now has some windows boarded up and is starting to look derelict.

We understand that future plans for the park include:

- A concrete area in the children's playground (costing £8000) so that tenders can be sought from operators of mobile refreshment vans;
- Fixed metal exercise equipment for adults on the raised grass area adjacent to the football pitches at the Pathway entrance to the park;
- Possible installation of a permanent concrete skateboard park.

The Parish Council does not accept that there is a significant body of opinion in Radlett that feels these changes have had and will have a negative impact on the park. We believe they are wrong.

Please sign our petition if you agree with us.

We the undersigned believe that the recent changes to Phillimore Recreation Ground in Radlett have had a detrimental effect on the appearance and character of the park.

We respectfully ask Aldenham Parish Council to drop any future plans to install more metal or concrete structures and we ask that it diverts funds instead to restoring the traditional character and beauty of the park.

We ask that planting be carried out as soon as possible to screen the new industrial shed and security fencing and to replace the trees and bushes removed.

We ask that the Council diverts funds to maintaining the brick pavilion and to putting it to a use that will enhance the park.

We ask that the Council restores our park to its former state, that it recognises its value as a traditional village park and that it protects it as such for the current and future inhabitants of Radlett.

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