Since September 9, 2010, Google's search suggestions (also called "AutoComplete") were automatically enabled by default. The option to toggle the suggestions was replaced with Google Instant - once you type something, the results will pop up without having to click the Search button or press the Enter key.

Many users were getting irate that their Web activity will be disrupted by those search suggestions. One of Google's employees stated that their company's reason for making AutoComplete mandatory by default is keeping with their vision of a "unified search experience," but not to maintain different versions of the website.

However, back in its early years, Google had simplicity and functionality in mind; there was no need for such outlandish, "automated" features.

We, the undersigned, ask for the executives and employees of Google to restore the option to toggle search suggestions/AutoComplete in its Preferences section the next time they update its website.

We are not morons; we have our own way of setting our searching options, and Google does not possess parts of our dignities. Our privacy, therefore, will never be compromised.

GoPetition respects your privacy.

The Restore the Option to Turn Off Search Suggestions in Google petition to Google was written by Kevin Limkinglam and is in the category Internet at GoPetition.