The Ministry of Health and the Health Promotion Board

1) Sexuality is identity, not illness. The scientific community agrees on this point almost as much as they agree that climate change is actually a thing.

2) Sexuality is experience, and for many LGB youth this experience is not pleasant, and includes - health screening in an environment that stigmatises and demonises their existence; or fear and anxiety in learning environments that treat their identities as a mere contestable point.

3) Because of this, LGB youth suffer poorer health and higher suicide rates than their heterosexual counterparts. The HPB should provide -literally- life-saving information; and direct LGB youth and their families to resources equipped to address their physical and mental health concerns.

4) The health, safety, and wellbeing of LGB youth should not be battleground for the homophobic to advance their agenda, especially not to the HPB. Opponents can ride their moral high horse elsewhere.

We recommend that Minister Gan Kim Yong ignore the ridiculously misinformed and regretfully bigoted petition "Review HPB's "FAQ on Sexuality"". (http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/review-hpbs-faq-on-sexuality.html)

We urge the HPB to restore the original version of the "FAQ on Sexuality", complete with links to Oogachaga, SAFE, and AFA.

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