Musharaf's regime

Musharaf in order to subvert the threat of a judgment against him, sacked judges and imposed martial law.

All the people--students, lawyers, human rights and political activists--were arrested.

Musharaf has attacked Judiciary, which was exercising independence first time in the history of Pakistan. In order to cling to Power, Musharaf has jeopardized civil rights and future of Pakistan.

We, the undersigned, are deeply concerned about the current constitutional and political crisis in Pakistan.

This crisis has reversed and threatens to undo permanently most of the gains made by the fledgling democratic process in Pakistan, including the independence of the higher judiciary, a vibrant electronic media, growing systems to protect and uphold human rights, and respect for constitutional rule.

As individuals who seek democracy in Pakistan we believe that no election can be fully free, fair and legitimate until ALL of the following conditions are met:

-The state of emergency is lifted, the PCO is rescinded, and the Constitution of Pakistan that was suspended by the declaration of emergency is reinstated.

-The judiciary is restored to its state before the declaration of emergency and all judges deposed from the Supreme Court and Provincial High Courts are reinstated.

-The amendments made to the Army Act of 1952 since the declaration of emergency, including the amendment authorizing military courts to try civilians, are rescinded.

The code of conduct on media outlets is revoked and their complete freedom to broadcast without restrictions is restored.

-All lawyers, students, human rights activists, politicians and political activists arrested or detained since the declaration of emergency are immediately and unconditionally released.

-The fundamental constitutional rights of Pakistani citizens are restored.

-The rule of law as guaranteed by the Constitution of Pakistan is observed.

-A neutral caretaker government is formed.

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