#Law Reform
The Legislature and Governor of the State of Texas
United States of America

It is both unconscionable and unconstitutional for any Government founded upon Natural Law to make illegal the cultivation, trade or sale of any Natural Plant.

Throughout history it has been Man's Right to reap the fruit of his choosing to best provide for his needs and the wants of a free market.

Until the mid twentieth century it had been Government's Right to collect taxes upon the distribution of Natural Plant products. The overbearing laws of the last century have made criminals of those seeking to provide for themselves and their families, have drastically reduced government's tax base, and have created a black market of violent individuals to provide the free market.

In accordance with Natural Law and by the Rights granted by both the Constitution of The State of Texas and The Constitution of The United States of America, we, the undersigned, hereby petition The Legislature and Governor of The State of Texas to repeal ANY and ALL law in contradiction with Natural Law, to reaffirm Man's Right of Cultivation, to declare the State's Rights of Taxation and Regulation, and Declare the Market's Rights to Industrialization.

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