#Civil Rights

UN Security Council resolutions (of April 21 and August 13, 1948, and January 5, 1949) urge India and Pakistan to withdraw troops from the disputed territories and conduct a plebiscite there. Pakistan has supported this idea from the very start, and still considers it the only solution to the problem.

Kashmir is the most militarized zone in the world. There is one Indian Soldier for every three Kashmiri Civilians.

Kashmir has probably the highest number of Human Rights Violations.

Currently parts of Kashmir are ruled by India, Pakistan & even China.

More than 60 Kashmiri Civilians(most of them in early 20s), were shot dead by Indian Troops during the 2008 uprising.

A few lines on what has been happening to Kashmiris would, perhaps, throw some light on the impact of Indian policy in Kashmir life since India occupied the valley in 1947. Not only India converted Kashmir valley into a well-knit cantonment of New Delhi, it has also unleashed terror on the defenseless Kashmiris and killed thousands and thousands of Kashmiris, including the freedom fighting ones. Now freedom fighters are called the “terrorists”. -- Global Politician


Thousands of Unidentified graves were found recently in kahmir.
A report http://www.countercurrents.org/angana130708.htm

Human Rights Report(May Be Old)

UN & NATO Nations should urge India & Pakistan towards a resolution on Kashmir.

Kashmiries should be given the right to choose their future, as was promised by UN & India.

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