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Rescue Ngerengere River

Geographical location of Ngerengere River. The source of Ngerengere River is Uluguru Mountains in Morogoro. The river passes in more than 20 villages in Morogoro and Pwani regions.

The River is the major water source to thousands of people, Cattle, Wild animals etc. The situation at Ngerengere River is worse, due to human activities.
The nature has been deteriorated due to excessive tree cutting, illegal charcoal trading, farming along the river banks, mining into the river, illegal fishing by using poison, Water source pollution, poaching etc.

The Mission is to create new jobs and reduce poverty rates into the communities through introduction of sustainable projects such as – Eco tourism by establishing eco camp sites, introduce beekeeping, gardening, poultry establishment, Fish farming establishment, sustainable grazing, Sustainable charcoal production, tree nurseries establishment, etc.
Vision is to secure alternative means of income, to improve the life standard and eradicate poverty among the communities around the River.

The vision is to retain the nature of River and change negative altitude about environment among the people to improve the wellbeing.

Other measures are:-
 Create awareness into the communities on the importance of sustainable use of natural resources around them.
 Build capacity in the communities around
 Identify and formulate new sustainable means of income.
 Identify the most affected river locations
 Identify local hunters (poachers).
 Establish environmental clubs.
 Establish local hunters clubs.
 Establish training program.
 Create new jobs through conservation.


Dear all,

My name is Mr. Remigius Mushenga from Morogoro Tanzania.

For more than 10 yrs I have working closer to wildlife and rural communities. I have met a lot of challenges, being land conflict resolution, poaching issues, environmental threats, education matters, entrepreneurial and alike.

I am asking myself, why using excessive energy and resources for something which can be dealt with other means.

The major objective is poverty reduction through Conservation.

WHY THIS APPROACH? I think such question will knock in your mind! The whole issue is hidden at POVERTY crisis—
How do we fight poverty then? We need the really good strategies to combat the threats to improve the well-being.

In order to achieve the goal:
I am looking for and organ or individual willing to join hands and help the rural community in fighting poverty through different means.

We are in very much need of organisations or individuals who are for the CONSERVATION OF NGERENGERE RIVER.

The River is at high threats from human activities due to lack of awareness and low capacity among the people and communities along the River. Mind you the River is the only major water source for thousands of people in more than 20 villages..

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