#Civil Rights

We are being used as blind test subjects on a global scale to see how far they can push our emotional state. I don't remember agreeing to social experiments and or the content in my news feed being subject to algorithmic tweaks by a research team promote sadness hopping to evoke empathy across the globe statistically lowering our happiness.



It's no secret Facebook tailors ads to us, however its under the the common belief that it just "listens" to and reacts it would be more then fair to have Facebook elaborate and shine some light upon this common misconception and explain format in which the collected content is handled, shared and accessed. We would like in layman's terms the specifics on how exactly our data is being used and and terms under which our private data is being collected, shared and how long the transcriptions of our private conversations is stored.

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The Require Facebook to explain how our data has been used in Layman's terms. petition to Facebook was written by Garrett Adams and is in the category Civil Rights at GoPetition.