Cedar Rapids Community Schools/City of Cedar Rapids, Iowa
United States of America

On 10/08/15, Maddox Tuetken (6) was struck by a motor vehicle walking home after school under the supervision of his older brother.

In an effort to prevent future injury to others, our neighborhood believes crossing guards would be beneficial.

By controlling traffic flow, forcing motor vehicle drivers to be more aware of children passing, enabling the adult supervision of children crossing city streets, and adding designated crossing zones for children assisted by trained adults and city supported; the goal would be to assist children who are able (as well as unable) to walk to and from school supervised in the security of a safer, more controlled environment.

We, the undersigned, call on the City of Cedar Rapids and the Cedar Rapids Community School District to designate mandatory crossing guards at all crosswalks within a one block radius of schools within the district to promote a controlled, safer, supervised pedestrian environment.

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