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Kpop, at the moment, is at zenith in South Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and different groups like Infinite, Shinee, EXO have been gaining popularity after the show 'Exciting India'.
Belonging to one of the fandom from the above 3 mentioned group, we the above mentioned South Asian Kpopers gather together and request the company @Woollim Entertainment to hold a Infinite Fansigning Event in India.
Infinite is called as a trending idol not only in Korea, but also in India. Currently, Inspirits in India have been on a rise by day, and many of us wish to see them closer. And as Infinite is on a Fansigning Tour, we would be very happy if India got selected as a destination too.

We, the undersigned South Asian Inspirits, sign this petition with a genuine hope of seeing Infinite in India, hence holding their first South Asian Fansign Event.
And in case, this dream comes true, we promise to shower Infinite with a lot of love right from their arrival itself!

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