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We all know football is changing, but its not just at the top in the likes of the Premier League and Championship.

The Football Conference, the top flight of non league football* has became one of the toughest leagues in the world to get out of. The division is now made up of 14 ex football league clubs. Many of the teams promoted in the past such as Doncaster, Exeter and Carlisle have achieved double promotions because the standard of football is higher than in League 2.

Of course this would benefit football at a grassroots level giving teams more to play for and increasing the chance of success, however those teams currently playing in League 2 would be handed an extra lifeline if relegated. Four teams are promoted from League 2 and four teams are relegated from the Football Conference so why should there be only two between these levels.

With a new FA chairman coming soon and the Conference stronger than ever despite its neglect from the Premier League, it is the perfect time to make the voices of both the Clubs and Supporters of the foundations of English Football heard.

For further information or to get involved please email ConferenceUnited@googlemail.com

We, the undersigned, call on the Football Association to change the number of teams promoted to the Football League from the Conference National to Three teams a season, either though automatic promotion or other means of playoff.

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