#Students' Rights
University of Derby, England
United Kingdom

I pursued a three year Bachelors degree in International Relations and Global Development at the University of Derby, England from 2006 - 2009. My tuition fees were catered for by a sponsor. However, while approaching my final year (2008/2009), I was unable to officially enroll and pay due to my sponsor's inability to continue payment of my tuition fees. This resulted from the economic crisis which occurred around that time.

I confided in the head lecturer who advised that I can either take a year out or continue the programme and sort the fees later. Considering I was a foreign student (I'm from St. Vincent and the Grenadines) who was on borrowed time in England and the fact that I was almost through with my studies, I decided to continue the programme. I attended every lecture, completed every assignment, sat all exams, participated in the overseas field trips to Africa and the UN Headquarters in Switzerland and even submitted a dissertation.

Amidst all that, when the time came to settle the issue with the University, they were not as understanding as I had hoped. I in turn solicited their consideration in the matter through various letters, all to no avail.

Desperate to obtain my degree, I sought assistance from several persons and was subsequently able to enroll for the 2010 -2011 academic year. However, my student visa needed renewal. In order to accomplish this I needed a document from the University of Derby referred to as the CAS for my visa application to be valid. The CAS was not issued until December 2010 (this was the end of the first semester). In the interim, I was not allowed to attend university due to this very visa issue. In short, the visa issue was never fully sorted until March of 2011, which was basically near the end of the academic year.

I was issued a letter by the university stating that because I failed to make progress, my registration will be terminated with immediate effect and that I would have to apply, all over again, under a different program. I experienced severe stress and emotional turmoil to at least get a refund of fees paid and a diploma for the two years I had already completed and paid for. I was successful in doing so.

After going back and forth with the University my visa ran out and I grew tired of fighting on my own. I am now back in my country without a degree.

I have since then applied for other universities but realized to finish my degree else is more costly (more time and more money) than settling the case with the University of Derby.

I'm unable earn a decent living and take proper care of my daughter because of this hindrance. I would very much like the University of Derby to consider issuing the grades I obtained during the 2008-2009 academic year. I know while they may not have a record on their computerized system, they do have my grades on file. I have inquired with the lecturers who taught me during that era and they do have my grades on their files.

I feel very much dejected, discouraged and stagnated. Hence I am seeking any assistance I can get from anyone in support of this cause.

We the undersigned, call on the University of Derby to kindly revisit the the case of Jenness Phillips; to conduct a proper inquiry of Jenness' attendance at the University for the 2008/2009 academic year; to consider that she was an international student, to take into account her time and sacrifice, her determination to succeed, the inconveniences experienced and her current stagnation. We petition that you research your archives and grant Jenness the grades she obtained in 2008/2009 to enable her to move forward.

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