Michael Jackson's Team

Despite his popularity, Michael Jackson does not currently have an official online news source for the media and the public.

The only existing website, michaeljackson.com, is operated by Sony and is not updated with current news on Michael Jackson. Although a forthcoming site was announced several months ago, many journalists are taking advantage of the delay in its launch by circulating false news releases or false statements and pretending they come from Michael Jackson's official spokesperson.

Thus, it is impossible, for the majority of people, to acquire news from a serious and reliable source.

Therefore, a prompt launch of a temporary web space would provide the public with precise and regular news and allow everyone to check the authenticity of statements which circulate in the media.

By signing this petition, we express our wish for an official site/blog/MySpace to be created, either temporary or permanent, to inform the public and the media on Michael Jackson.

Please sign this petition only once. Use your real name in order to maintain the serious nature of the request.

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