Senate and House Republican Members
United States of America

Dear Republican Senators and Congressmen

This is very simple. We are the voice of the people from 30 1/2 states that voted and fairly and overwhelming elected President Trump! We are also the same voice that in many cases, elected you congressmen and women.
We are letting you know that we are absolutely sick of what you are allowing to happen with these unanswered attacks on President Trump by the left and the lying, bogus media!! The Handel win again shows left's biased polls are dead wrong! We stand with President Trump, support his policies, and have elected him because of his campaign promises and because he is a fighter and not afraid to speak and to act on what is right! In spite of this opposition, we still see him doing everything in his power to keep his campaign promises. We also see the left and the liberal media doing everything in their power to impede him and to try to remove him from office through lies, slander and in some cases treasonous acts! This petition is to let you know that we expect you, as our elected Congress people, to do everything in your power to publicly stand with and support our President of the United States and to call out the disgraceful lies and obstruction of the left, of the deep state, of the illegal intelligence leaking, and of these bogus investigations! We expect you to go on offense and to publicly call for investigations into the real crimes committed where there is actual evidence. Crimes such as: Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Hillary Clinton’s classified e-mails scandal, Obama's illegal surveillance & unmasking of political opponents, the Clinton Foundation, the IRS’s targeting conservative groups plus any other corruption under the Obama administration. Call for immediate investigations into real cases of Obstruction of Justice: Subpoena Lorreta Lynch, Bill Clinton, James Comey, Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice and have them testify!
We expect you to keep your own campaign promises: to repeal and replace Obama care, defund Planned Parenthood, pass Tax Reform, pass Immigration Reform, and Build the Wall, for starters! You are in control of the House, the Senate, and the Presidency, and we expect you to keep your campaign promises and get things done (such an opportunity for We the People!). This is very simple: You need to boldly and publicly stand up and immediately take action to strongly support our President, thereby supporting We the People of the United States who rose up on November 8 and fairly elected President Trump. If you do not, we have no choice and let us be clear: We will not be supporting you in your next election! It is past due time to stand up, take action, and do the right thing. Let it be known that we are busy, working people with families that care deeply for our country - unlike those funded by Soros and Co. that are paid full time to sit around, tweet and protest their faux leftist agenda! We have had it and we expect action! We are paying close attention, and we most definitely vote!!

Supporters of Donald Trump, The President of the United States

We, the undersigned, call on the House and Senate Republican Members to unite and stand with "We the People" who overwhelmingly elected and continue to support President Trump! Karen Handel's win, again, shows the biased media's polls are dead wrong! We expect you to immediately call out the lies of the left and call for an end to these bogus investigations! We expect you to immediately call for investigations into the real crimes committed by the previous administration as mentioned above, We expect you to keep your own campaign promises! There is so much you can and should be accomplishing for our great country! With control of the House, Senate and Presidency, we expect action! We expect you to join President Trump and take control of the narrative and accomplish great things. We are letting you know that we are paying close attention and come next election we will only be supporting members who have supported President Trump and his agenda to get things done! Lets "Make America Great Again"!

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